Tuhafier is considered as a developing space and plaform that prefers to stay undefined in order to adapt various needs and conditions. The space aims to bring design enthusiasts together with stories from different eras by collecting handpicked design objects, timeless furniture, unique artworks and outlandish items in an eclectic harmony. Tuhafier conciously avoids classifications and provides a free, creative model for guests to derive their own definitions and interfere with the space and its functions.

Any individual or community that wish to develop new, creative ideas are welcomed to the society, regardless of their titles and disciplines. Although it might seem to interest only design and decoration lovers at first sight, Tuhafier is quite excited to create multi-disciplinary projects with volunteers from various fields.​ Besides continuing to its main activity as an Architecture & Design office, Tuhafier also organizes unusual workshops, hosts distinctive events and private parties in its unique atmosphere.

If you would like to be a part of our growing family, you can follow Tuhafier from our social media accounts to get updated for upcoming events and to keep in touch for sharing inspiring ideas with us.